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Dalmatian — Age 4
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Perfect Form is Perfect for Molly
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Molly on "Gotcha" day.
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Molly and her sister Jenni.
Molly is my 4 year old Dalmatian. I adopted her when she was almost 2 years old. She is such a sweet girl, but she always had tummy problems. About every 5 - 7 days she would have a day when her stomach rumbled and churned and she didn't want to eat. She just felt bad on those days, and would even cry when it was really bad. I tried everything - the vet, Pepcid, different types of foods, avoiding certain things. But it wasn't until a friend introduced me to Perfect Form that things turned around for Molly. Ever since she has been eating the supplement twice a day, she has hardly had any stomach issues at all. She has been on Perfect Form for about 3 months now, and she is a much happier Dalmatian because her tummy feels so much better. This will definitely be part of her diet for the rest of her life. Thanks Honest Kitchen!
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