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Dachshund — Age 5
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Morgan online shopping for THK
My 5 yr old dachshund, Morgan has seizures so I do what I can for her to have the most natural diet. We did store bought raw food for a while. Morgan would gulp her food so quickly that I worried about her choking. I noticed Morgan would eat dirt outside. Something told me to check out THK again. This time I revisited, I noticed that THK removed rosemary extract from their food. YAY! that was the only reason I didn't feed THK before trying commercial raw. Seizure dogs are supposed to avoid rosemary extract from what I have read. Morgan & her sister, Nene, are eating Love & they dance while it is being prepared. They do not gulp & I can rest easier. I can say that since starting THK, the girls no longer eat dirt outside. I guess THK provides what my girls need. My girls LOVE their love.
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