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Other (dog) — Age 18
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Morgan is a pound-dog
Morgan is an 18 year old "puppy mill" pound- dog rescue. I found him by an e-mail from the Dallas SPCA, and went to rescue him that same day. He was in very poor shape with all his teeth missing and only weight of about 3 pounds.
I was introduced to the Honest Kitchen dog foods by "City Pets" in Dallas. These high quality pet foods saved Morgans life, and have given me a lovely little man that has given me so much love. He weighs 5 pounds now and is very active for an old dog. I know his health is because of this Great food.
The loss of his teeth caused his lower mandible to atrophy. He can't close his mouth but he sure can chow-down when it come to his meals.
He hates for me to brush him, and he does not like his baths, but he likes his food.
Every day that I have him in my life, I am grateful that I found him and a dog food that would bring him back to life.
Puppy mills are such a crime. As are people that turn their dogs loose on country roads. I can't rescue every on that I see, but Morgan is such a joy in my life I can only wish all dogs could have it so good.
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