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Mr. B

Tibetan Spaniel — Age 14
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Returning from vet's office. Glaucoma in left eye; prescribed eye drop regimen.
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A few months later -- listless, lack of appetite, weight loss due to pain.
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Lost vision in left eye but right eye is healthy; off pain meds, normal weight.
Mr. B is my 90 year old mother's dog. When he was a pup, someone abandoned him in her neighborhood at a four-way stop. Several neighbors tried to 'catch' him, but she was the only one he'd let get close to him, so she brought him home. That was about thirteen years ago, and he's been all hers ever since. About a year and a half ago, he was diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye. He underwent the standard eye drop regimen to control progression and pain, but it didn't work well, or worked marginally at best. He ended up losing vision in the eye. In addition, in March, 2017, he became very ill and all but stopped eating. His once beautiful coat became dry, brittle, and bare on his back and hind quarters. Blood panels showed no irregularities, but it was clear that something had made him very sick, and he was malnourished. My mom tried every high quality food the pet stores had to offer, and two well known prescription foods. Mr. B would sniff and then turn away. She then hand prepared his meals, and he would eat small portions. He lost weight and became inactive. She thought about, and prepared for, euthanasia. Then, one day, I came across THK food at Sprout's and bought some for my mom to try. Mr. B ate it almost right away. Now, he smacks his way through it at every meal. His favorite is Keen. He's been eating Keen and Revel for about four months now. We had a vet check-up last week, and his left eye is healthy (for a dead eye), his right eye is healthy and shows no signs of glaucoma, his coat is filling in, his weight and physique are healthy, and he appears pain free. At home, he trots and prances around and plays fetch with his favorite toy, with robust energy and evident joy! I give THK's food credit for reviving Mr. B's physical status and restoring his quality of life as a senior dog.
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