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Mr. Bo

Australian Shepherd — Age 12
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Mr. Bojangles
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12 year old Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles began having problems with colitis and skin infections around the age of two. He was miserable. His white fur turned hot pink from the skin irritation and a lot of it fell out. He lost a lot of weight and nothing (medication or food) seemed to help with the colitis. Then his trainer suggested giving him foods with out preservatives. We tried The Honest Kitchen because we could easily take it camping with us. No freezing or refrigeration required. Mr. Bojangles loved it. We noticed a change in the back yard right a way. His stools firmed up in a few days. His skin began to show improvement in about a week. Six months later all of his adult Australian Shepherd fur had grown back in and he was a fluffy little man.
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