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MSgt Mason

Labrador Retriever — Age
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Our Lab had severe tummy & dandruff problems as soon as we got him at 8 weeks old. We were worried & mystified. Each trip to the Vet
over the next handful of weeks showed clean lab results & normal physical exams. We fed a holistic kibble & supplemented with fresh foods & tried different treatments. I raw fed a kibble intolerant American Bullie 20 years ago & I remembered her situation so I decided to put Mason on a fast when he was 12 weeks old. I cooked a couple of proteins for him that were the main ingredients in his kibble. He was fine until I integrated the kibble back in. His previous bloated stomach & chronic liquid stool issue came right back. I stayed cooking for him and about this time I started going to school for pet nutrition. A classmate mentioned The Honest Kitchen to me. I Googled, did some reading, & joined some raw feeding groups online. It was there I learned about The Honest Kitchen in depth. I called THK and they were so nice & helpful! I went the same day and bought the first box. He thrived on THK BAse mixes from that moment forward.
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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix (Preference)

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  3. Dehydrated - Grain Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix (Kindly)

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