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German Shepherd — Age 9
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My German Shepherd, Nika, got her first hot spot when she was about 2 years old. She is currently 9 years old. For several years she would get hot spots 3 or 4 times a year. They would usually last 2-4 weeks. I was constantly treating her for them: shaving, washing, medicating. Once they got so bad and widespread I had to put a cone on her head. She did not like that at all! I tried organic shampoos, medicated gels and sprays. I changed her diet. I added supplements like fish oil, krill oil, astaxanthin, "super food for pets", and more. Every time I thought I had found the cure, the hot spots would come back. I finally heard about The Honest Kitchen and I am so relieved. Actually, I should say my dog is so relieved, literally. I started her on the Preference because I had already been feeding her a raw diet with chicken. Then I started her on Embark and she goes crazy for the food! Her coat got softer very quickly. And her hot spots have gone from 3-4 times a year to maybe once. And if she does get a hot spot it goes away within days instead of weeks. I will certainly keep her on Embark as I'm sure improvements will continue. I'm so happy for her. And I'm so happy to have found The Honest Kitchen. I have recommended it to friends and family. I can't think of why anyone would feed their pets anything else. It's an amazing line of products. So easy and so healthy.
THK products Nika loves
  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Turkey Recipe (Embark)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $99.99

    ★★★★★ (428)
  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix (Preference)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $59.99

    ★★★★★ (371)
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