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Other (dog) — Age 4
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Nixon, a much healthier dog!
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Nixon is a poodle/bichon mix. My daughter bought him as a puppy. He has always had skin issues, allergies and brown staining on his eyes. When my daughter came to visit us during Christmas, 2012 Nixon looked so bad that I was embarrassed for family members to see him. I heard about The Honest Kitchen thru a coworker and gave it a try, I also began giving him bottled water. After a month I started noticing his skin clearing and his eyes were not watering and turning brown as much. After 3 months he looked like a completely different dog. He was scratching and biting himself anymore, his eyes were clear and coat was white. He was a much happier dog! The Honest kitchen truly made such a difference for him, I tell everyone about your product and urge then to try it even if there pet has no issue.
I thank you and Nixon thanks you!
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