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Norma Jean, Surri, Liara

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age
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All three of my girls curled up on the couch after a fun day at the park.
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Liara, the two year old chihuahua rescued from a puppy mill shut down.
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Surri, our three year old rescue from the humane society. She is kindest soul.
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Norma Jean, our one year old amstaff show puppy.
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And my three girls curled up on the couch with me, happy as can be.
All three of my girls are on a mix of the keen as well as Acana kibble, and I could not be happier with the way things are going with them. My chihuahua has bad joints, bad skin, and has weight issues (she can't gain weight). After adding THK to her diet, she has put on a healthy amount of weight and her coat is shiny and beautiful. Her joints don't seem to be bothering her as badly either. My two bigger dogs absolutely adore THK, which I added just so they wouldn't feel left out at meal times. They are both extremely healthy, with one having some mild wheat allergies and a sensitive stomach, and she hasn't had a single problem since starting the THK. They've been on keen for well over six months now, and I don't plan on changing them any time soon. :)
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