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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 7
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When Olaf was a puppy, as a new Mom I wanted to make sure he was on a proper but affordable diet. Living in a community household, there were two other dogs, a Rotweiler and a Pit-lab mix. We decided to feed them all the same food to make sure meal times weren't a big hassle. After a few weeks, I noticed Olaf didn't do so well with the food. He began having intense seasonal allergies. We were living in San Diego at the time and our vet said it was common. So I took the option of cortisone shots as needed but the vet told me this was a last resort and try changing his food.
Over the past seven years, EVERY food we have tried has caused Olaf issues. We have also moved to Northern California and we spend time in Pennsylvania as well and no matter where we are he randomly gets intense allergies. He gets hot spots, missing hair, intense itching, diarrhea and recently I noticed his energy levels getting very low. He has always been a very energetic dog. He also just lost interest in his food. He would only eat a few hours after meal times when he absolutely had to because he was starving. That's not fair for him.
I noticed the ONLY time he seemed to do better all together was when I was feeding him a grain free whole food diet. This is time consuming. Expensive and I want to make sure I am consistent with his food for his sensetive digestive system. I recalled Honest Kitchen because a friend of mine used to promote them in San Diego. I ordered a small box to see if Olaf liked it and it is now coined the phrase "dog drugs" at our house. He literally gets wiggly at meal times.
I am happy I found a product he can FINALLY eat. It takes three minutes to prepare and is affordable. Thank you!
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