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Boston Terrier — Age 5
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Olive at the pet store, picking out toys
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This is Olive, skin and bones when I first found her.
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This is Olive and her sister Violet.
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Merry Christmas!!
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Favorite sweater
Olive is a 5 year old red and white Boston Terrier. She is a rare, tiny bird. In love with the breed, I wanted to rescue a Boston so I started looking around. I noticed many dogs of popular breeds were in shelters due to breeders having no use for them after a certain age or due to any health concerns. I called a few local breeders in hopes of finding an older dog who was sadly unneeded before he/she had to experience the shelter. The third one I called was a couple hours away from me but sure enough the lady said she had a 3 year old who could not have puppies due to her small size and they haven't been able to find her a home yet. I drove to meet this dog who I somehow already loved and was very anxious to get her to a loving home. Upon arrival, I met Olive. I wont say much about the situation I observed but to say the least it was a neglectful "backyard breeder situation". She had just had a nail trim and after noticing 4 of her nails bleeding, the breeder put cigarette ashes on them to "soak up the blood". Of course Olive and I were eager to leave so she was let outside to go potty and when the door was opened for her to come back in, she ran and jumped into my arms. I've never seen her do that since, although now she never leaves my site, that was something I'll never forget. Of course I immediately took her to the vet and aside from her obvious malnutrition, she needed to be spayed and had to have 2 teeth pulled due to rotting from impaction. She was skin and bones, her tiny body weighed just 9.5 pounds! Her ears were covered in scabby fly bites and her fur was dull and flakey. She had obviously had several litters. She was terrified of everyone but me. We had an instant bond. Slowly her other ailments began to heal but her most sever problem was digestive. I know now she has inflammable bowel disorder (IBD). To put it lightly, she had the runs...for about a year!!! Every color imaginable, with blood and mucus to spare (sorry readers)! I tried every all-natural food and supplement around and she got a little better after a few months but still very abnormal. I got a huge scare when I had to take her to the emergency room at 4am for a hurniated colon. She almost died! After this she was on prescription food, which I didn't want her to stay on. After a few months I eased her onto Honest Kitchen 'Embark'. She accepted the transition and slowly but surely got better and better. Better than the prescription diet made her and better than I'd ever seen. This continued with a few set backs and the help of a vet who I love (4th one we tried). After 2 years I am proud to say she is a healthy 12 pound girl with a beautiful coat and so much energy!! Im convinced that Honest Kitchen helped heal her digestive system and saved her life. With her new found confidence and her pug sister we adopted a year later, she has become such a social butterfly! Of course, she is my soul mate and never lets me out of her site but the feelings are mutual. I look forward to many more years with Olive and her pug sister Violet. Also, she loves meal times an extraordinary amount. Especially for someone who's been eating the same thing twice a day for over a year. Now that she's healthy she enjoys snacks of fruit and veggies as well as fresh boiled turkey. Still, she cannot tolerate much else with her IBD but thank god she loves her Honest Kitchen Embark so much!!
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