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Dachshund — Age
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Our new babies
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June 41/2 months old
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Olive and June
We are a Dachshund family and will always have these special long dogs in our life. They are loyal, hilarious, stubborn and full of love. Most Doxie owners will start describing the breed and Im sure all of those words will be included. They are also known for their skin issues. We had our 11yr old baby boy pass over The Rainbow Bridge this March. It has been such a hard yr trying to cope with the enormous loss. We ended up with not one but TWO baby Dachshund girls this time! I couldn't handle a empty home. Pete had terrible skin allergies, and taught me so much about how awful the Pet food in Grocery stores and sadly enough at our Vets office can be! He was covered in red rashes and getting hives. We started cooking his food ourselves and his allergies dropped by 70% ! He was so much happier and so were we! For 9 yrs we cooked Pete's own special blend twice a week.

When we brought Olive 8mos and June 9mos home I knew what I DIDN'T want them to eat but because of my own health issues cooking for two pups seemed so challenging. I was worried about proper nutrition for young pups and how to know I was giving that to them. After searching I found Honest Kitchen. I wasn't sure if they would like it because of their young age. A week later their Barkbox showed up and a sample of Ice Pups was in that box! I do feed them a high quality puppy kibble and Olive had started walking away from hers. She was bored. I don't blame her because it looked so boring! Same food all the time?!? No. So I made the Ice Pups the steamy way. Just a small amount to pour over their food. Olive ate like she had never been fed! She was actually shaking as she ate! June is 3 months younger and she acted the same way. What a relief! I got online and ordered Preference, Wishes and a box of Icy Pups. All were a huge hit! I hydrate the Preference with a dash of icy pup powder in the microwave and pour over their kibble. It's an instant pup vegetable soup! It's warm, it's smells like homemade chicken soup and they love it. Once they are a bit older we will be lowering the kibble amount and switching to other Honest Kitchen foods. I know this will keep these girls from those awful rashes on their bellies. I am so happy to have found a great option to feed our girls. Their coats are so shiny and soft and their breath is fresh and clean.
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