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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Sweet Olive
Olive is a very sweet black mixed terrier. We rescued her from the local pound when she was much too small to be left at a pound, let alone removed from her mother. It was definitely love at first sight. She was beyond excited to meet my husband and I and she couldn't stop bouncing between the two of us or licking our faces. After waiting a few days for the application to clear, we were bring our sweet little Olive home. Then the real fun began. Turns out, Olive didn't like to eat. A DOG... that DOESN'T LIKE TO EAT?! Yeah, that's right. I would lie on the floor next to her, coaxing her to eat out of my palm... nothin. Finally, after some jenky home-made meals, we landed at the The Honest Kitchen. Lo and behold, she had a gluten allergy. Next thing you know, Olive is begging to be fed morning and night and chows down her THK in a matter of seconds. Cannot recommend THK enough.
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