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Silky Terrier — Age 10
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Ollie enjoying the sun
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Ollie - 1 yr, happy and healthy
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Our little ball hoarder
Ollie is our 10 year old Silky Terrier, our only child. He has had chronic pancreatitis since he was a puppy so we never strayed too far from his kibble and a handful of regular treats just to be on the safe side. In 2009 a family member, unbeknownst to me poured turkey gravy over his kibble during a Thanksgiving Day gathering which almost killed him. He spent 8 days in an emergency hospital on renal support, thankfully he pulled through but not without lasting damage. We were told he would have to remain on a veterinary diet for the rest of his life.

For the next 2 years we struggled with getting him to eat the vet food and his bowel movements remained large and had the consistency of soup, he rarely had a formed poop! Gradually he began to lose weight, his coat lost its silky shine and he just wasn’t his usual happy self. After a checkup it was determined that his pancreas was failing and another veterinary food was recommended, he was also prescribed digestive enzymes to help him absorb the nutrients from the food.

Over the next 7 months we were terrified of giving him anything other than this vet food, we even baked his food into “treats” just so we had something to give him. Between the smell of the enzymes and the blah veterinary diet he had completely turned on food, my once hungry little boy looked like he would rather die than eat what we were offering. The enzymes created a string of problems beginning with severe acid reflux for which he was prescribed an antacid with each meal, his gums were irritated and bleeding and his bowel movements had not improved.

In December of 2012 he was diagnosed with diabetes, now I was faced with the challenge of finding a vet food that stayed within his dietary limits and didn’t have negative effects on his blood sugar as well as something he would eat (which was the most challenging of all)...we tried 5 different foods.

During this time I had joined 2 internet groups for support, EPI4Dogs and K9Diabetes and I noticed that many of the members listed Honest Kitchen as their pets diet. I was terrified to try something new thinking that it would kick off another bout of pancreatitis but things were getting worse, he lost more weight, and when you’re only 13lbs to start with there isn’t much wiggle room. Meal times had turned into a source of frustration and sadness for us. Six weeks ago his blood work confirmed his liver enzymes were extremely elevated and the vet indicated that it would be a miracle if we could turn this around, we were sent home with yet another different kind of veterinary food and antibiotics and I was told to stop the enzymes, antacids and all guess is they figured he wouldn't make it anyhow.

I left the vet feeling very discouraged, I decided what the heck, I have to try something new so I stopped and picked up a box of Honest Kitchen Preference. Supper time rolled around and I opened a can of the new vet food and I thought, no way! I am not giving him that food so I quickly boiled a chicken breast and got out the Preference. I have to admit the look of it scared me and I figured there was no way he was going to eat it.

I mixed the chicken in and put it down in front of him and he looked up at me for the first time in over a year as if to say, is this for me? I watched him eat the entire plate, I gave him his insulin and we waited…I sat on the couch with a towel beside us figuring this new food would be coming out the other end any time but it didn’t. I woke up the morning and took him outside to do his morning business and that’s when it happened…the perfect bowel movement. I ran in the house and woke my husband up so he could come and have a look, we were so excited I can’t begin to explain. No enzymes, no antacid, the perfect bowel movement, he had no acid reflux and his blood sugar curve had levelled off which hadn’t happened since his diagnosis.

Over the last 6 weeks he has thrived, his coat is soft again, he has gained a whole pound back already, he enjoys every meal and has consistently awesome bowel movements. Your product is nothing short of a miracle, it has literally saved his life. My only regret is not finding it sooner but going forward any pet I’m lucky enough to have will eat Honest Kitchen.

Thank You Honest Kitchen, you saved our lives!!

Dan, Danielle & Ollie
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