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Chihuahua — Age 3
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Oliver, my rescued chihuahua mix.
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I adopted Oliver as my first dog. He was found as a stray, and sent to a kill shelter. He was around 6 months when I adopted him. From the day I got him, I tried feeding him high quality kibble. It was always very hard to get him to eat a full meal, or eat at all. He was very underweight at the time of adoption, and still wasn't putting on any weight as he barely ate every kibble we tried. That was until we found Honest Kitchen. Since trying this, he always gobbles down his meals, and is thriving on it.

Since adopting Oliver, I adopted two more foster fails. They all love their Honest Kitchen (and HK treats)! We now run a rescue (inspired by Oliver of course), and recommend it to all our adopters.
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