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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 9
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Oliver, with his friend Orion
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Sleepy after a good meal
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He loves his Dinosaur!
We have fed The Honest Kitchen for 4 years now. Our boy was diagnosed with pancreatitis a month or two before we discovered this brand of food. He was also diagnosed (again) with urine stones and kidney issues at the same time, so we knew we needed to do something different! We had seen the Honest Kitchen on the shelves and finally gave it a good read through. I was sold, the hard part was seeing if my baby would be! But he dove right into, and finished with a big "thank you mom!"
His urine stones have never returned, which previously it was an ongoing issue, and his pancreatitis has been... stable, I guess would be the appropriate word. We love this food and recommend it to anyone who asks. Thank you for such a great product.
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