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German Shepherd — Age 2
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Omma, 1 1/2, hanging out with her skateboard on a hot summer day!
Story picture
Omma, about 5 mos. old.
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Omma, 6-7 mos. old.
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Omma, 1 1/2.
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Omma's most recent picture, 2 y.o. -- she is at the beach for the first time and was so happy to play in the water!
I come from a military family, and in 2010, my family decided to settle down and purchase a house in our hometown of San Diego, CA. However, it wasn't long until our house was burglarized -- twice. After these series of incidents, my family decided to purchase Omma from a registered purebred-breeder; we received her as a little puppy who, very soon, grew into an adult-sized dog before she was even a year-old!

In 2012, my father received new orders to be stationed in El Paso, and the accomodations my family were provided did not cater well to Omma -- who, at 1 1/2 years old weighed in about 65 lbs. and was still growing! I made the decision as a college student myself to take my family pet and bring her to college with me. I could not live on-campus and housing near my school did not cater well to student pet-owners, so I opted to live 15 miles off-campus so that Omma can live with me in a 3BR house with an incredible, fully-fenced, green stretch of a yard. Despite Omma's size, she is a very friendly, loving dog who craves attention and approval from people; for a long time, she didn't know how big she was and would hop onto peoples' laps, nearly pushing them out of their chairs!

Over the months we've lived in our new house, Omma has grown much bigger, taller, and now weighs well over 105 lbs.! However, she is my babygirl and I love her very much. We say hello to my family stationed back in Texas. Occasionally, Omma goes to campus with me and we enjoy walks along the rivers, forests, and wetlands in our Northern CA coast area. Omma is a big, happy girl and she keeps me focused on my studies and responsibilities!
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