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Collie — Age 8
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A hot potato damaged this poor guy but Honest Kitchen's product has worked magic
Last summer Oreo was initially delighted when a hot potato piece just out of the microwave fell onto the deck as it was being put back onto the bbq. That delight was short-lived as he realized his insides were burning. He then leapt off of our 3-4ft high deck, spat out a piece of it, and collapsed, unconscious, for about a minute. When he came to, he walked very shakily and then vomited. He saw a vet daily for the next week as he lost mobility, trembled, favoured a paw, developed diarrhea, then vomiting, and finally became terrified of food altogether. He had x-rays and ultrasounds without finding anything to indicate what his problem specifically was. We began liquefying his food when he regained his appetite and it appeared that he didn't seem to tolerate solid food. Desperate for something that would be easy to prepare, Pet Valu recommended the Honest Kitchen's products. Oreo ADORES his food and can barely wait for it to set. It's been 9 months, and he still can't tolerate solid kibble (unless given to him 1 at a time with time to chew), and his weight has remained steady. He is healthy and happy and energetic. The only minor concern is that he doesn't drink water barely at all anymore, but I can assume that is a result of the water he consumes in his food. The vet wants him to go for a scope, but he seems to be doing fine with this food and I'm not inclined to put anything else on this poor fellow. Thank you for making our little guy happy and healthy again.
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