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Papillon — Age 6
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Before the switch to Honest Kitchen, Orion would ignore his food for as long as there was still hope that the humans would be cooking up food for themselves. Once we started getting ready for bed, that is when he would sniff his dog food. He would on occasion heave a big long suffering sigh, take one more look at us, then start to eat his food, very slowly. I would always feel guilty that he didn't like his dog food (I switched around to other food hoping to find something he liked but with no success) that I would just give in and give him table food. It will not surprise anyone that he became overweight. My vet recommended Honest Kitchen and give me a few small bags to try and Orion went ga-ga over it. I have never seen him eat his food so well and so quickly. Now when I start making his Honest Kitchen, he is running around happily and jumping for joy before settling down and waits patiently for his food to finish re-hydrating. If I step away from his bowl he will bark intermittently to remind me to check on his food and see if its ready. Now I don't feel guilty about not sharing the table food and he is losing weight and getting his doggy figure back.
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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Chicken Recipe (Revel)

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  2. Dehydrated - Limited Ingredient Beef Recipe (Hope)

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