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Shih Tzu — Age 1
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Oscar is such an active, loving puppy! It was very important to us to treat him as a true member of the family. When we first got him, we asked for recommendations before deciding on a puppy food. It's been a long time since we have had a puppy, so I didn't think twice when nobody mentioned investigating natural foods online. We put Oscar on a dry puppy food, high-end, from a standard pet store.
Oscar never seemed interested in his food. He always seemed to give me that look, like "Really, lady?" when it was time for a meal. After several consecutive days of leftovers in the bowl, I started researching on my own a new, better puppy food. That's when I came across THK. We ordered a 2lb sample box, and as stated in my review of Force, Oscar now barks at us incessantly during meal prep. He sits and barks for three minutes straight, and barely even waits for the plate to be on the floor before devouring his food. He LOVES Force, and we LOVE that he is happy and healthy! He never seems hungry, which I was concerned about since we are using grain free and I wasn't sure how he would tolerate the portion. Also, he has reached and maintained his optimal weight. We are so pleased with the product and feel so proud to treat Oscar to healthy, delicious meals every day.
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