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Cocker Spaniel — Age 8
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A California rescue dog that lives in Savannah, GA!
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Otis when I first saw him at the truck stop in Ontario, CA...he was so sad!
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Otis happy, healthy, clean, and loved!

My Otis was rescued by an organization from the Lancaster shelter. He was due to be put down because of his high medical bills and extreme injuries. He was found bloody, tooth missing, tongue split, and undernourished with an extreme ear infection. No one wanted to care for him until this organization rescued him, and brought him to the Ontario, CA truck stop for adoption. They named him Cujo because he was attacking people and it was said he can only be good for a woman to adopt. With alot of love, training, and good food this was proven wrong, and today, two years after his adoption, Otis is healthy, happy, and in a loving family. He is a trucking dog, loves traveling, beaches, people, and other dogs. All he needed was someone with patience and alot of love, and of course....healthy food from the Honest Kitchen. Now he's high energy and loving life! My best friend and companion!

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