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Persian — Age 8
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Owlee was about to run out of time in foster care with the local shelter. His foster had tried all kinds of foods, but after being a stray and arrive at the shelter in near death conditions, she just could not get his digestive issues under control. He had diarrhea for months before I adopted him. Over about a two week span I tried various foods, probiotics, and antibiotics, but nothing seemed to ease Owlee's diarrhea. Then I offered Prowl.

Fortunately he is not a picky eater and ate whatever I offered. Prowl led to solid stools within 2-3 days, and they have been solid ever since! This skinny, matted stray guy was running out of options, but I'm very grateful to have had Prowl samples on hand to try. Without them he may not be alive today.

He can now eat some raw ground chicken, treats, and supplements without major GI upsets, but I have no intention of taking him off the THK foods. I switch him between Prowl and Grace and am very happy with his coat, weight, and overall health.
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