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Dachshund — Age 12
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Peewee waiting for his food to hydrate 3.5 weeks after having surgery for 5discs
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Peewee's big pouch under his neck due to oral neglect: infection, saliva, &blood
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Angry gums and an extremely receded gum line over the canine. Pre-molar fell out
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View 2 of Peewee's mouth the day after I got him, June 20, 2013
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Peewee's teeth 8 months later- no plaque build up, no tartar thanks to THK
The primary reason I am writing this post is due to my complete amazement and satisfaction with Peewee's teeth after starting Honest Kitchen. His teeth are now immaculate, and his coat and health, aside from being in current PT after back surgery, are better than ever.
Peewee was picked up from the Manhattan ACC on Wednesday June 19, 2013. He was a mess with a badly infected mouth his whole chin/neck area is swollen with infection and saliva and blood back up, then in addition he had 2+ protein in his urine and blood so it was assumed to be s bladder or kidney stone(s) but the ultra sound was clear. All that in itself was a lot of infection to handle, but in addition to all that he had severe pneumonia as well. H e had his initial vet check up and blood drawn on June 20th and he is anemic and his white blood cell count was high, likely just due to fighting off all the infection in his body. Then on Friday afternoon (June 21, 2013) Peewee's left anal gland burst, his prostate was found to be very enlarged (both issues due to him being unneutered), he had a 104 degree temperature, his left lung sounds "harsh" which the chest X-rays confirmed was pneumonia. He was then on IV for fluids and antibiotics, and a feeding tube as he had not wanted to eat since he has been out of the shelter. Peewee ended up staying at the emergency vet from Friday June 21st- Thursday June 27th, and didn't eat June 19th-25th. Since his initial recovery Peewee has been neutered, had two dental cleanings (one premolar fell out between when I got him and his dental on July 12th, and then he had one molar extracted the second time), had x-rays and an ultra sound to try to determine why his urinalysis' were coming back off, additional re-checks, and cold laser therapy in December 2013 after he became paralyzed. This boy is a survivor, but he wouldn't have been able to even make it out of the shelter alive, or even survive the to see July 2013, had he not had the support people donating and sharing for him.Peewee has come a long way since the day I picked him up from the Manhattan shelter, June 19, 2013. He had been medically neglected and was a very sick boy who spent his first week "with me" at the Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center ER vet.
Then on December 17, 2013 Peewee became paralyzed, as many Dachshunds do at one point or another. After a couple sessions of cold laser therapy ($35/ session) and crate rest he is starting to walk again but was still in sporadic pain and not getting full coordination back. On January 28, 2014 Peewee had surgery to clean up disk material between his T11, T12, T13, L1 and L2 disks.

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