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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Penelope, age 3
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I adopted Penelope last year. She had recently given birth, was very thin and had digestive problems. After trying many foods, the Vet diagnosed her with food intolerance's. She was put on prescription food. She was somewhat better on the food, but I really didn't like the ingredients. I was determined to find her a food with healthy ingredients . I did lots of food testing and found she could tolerate fish. I then needed a food with limited ingredients. Honest Kitchen Brave was the answer. I added Brave very slowly, a Tablespoon at a time to her prescription food. Eventually Brave was the only thing she was eating. She has been on Brave for 3 months now, no digestive issues at all. I am so thankful for this food.
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  1. Dehydrated - Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe (Brave)

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