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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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My "Sweet Pete" Petey was adopted from the West L.A. Animal Shelter @ 5 mo.
Petey developed a combination of allergies after he turned 1.
After going back and forth to the vet, I finally figured it out on my own and was able to maintain his allergies and help him be a happier dog!
I was first introduced to Honest Kitchen at my workplace, but was intimidated by the price point.
After meeting a very kind and wonderful sales rep from Honest Kitchen who provided me samples of Zeal, I thought I would give it a try.
Just when I thought Petey's overall condition was in order, I was truly amazed at just how much more his health, happiness, and excitement increased after feeding him the Zeal formula.
Just 2 weeks into it, my friends and family members were even amazed at his coat and how he looked so "muscular", as they put it. His coat has become amazingly more soft to the touch, sheds way less, and does not itch barely as much as he used to. He is part Basenji, so he does constantly groom himself, but nothing out of order.
Also, his stools are few and a good color.
Some people may think that Honest Kitchen products are time consuming, but actually, it's not at all!
As the food rehydrates, you do other chores or whatever else and by the time you're done, so is the food!
This has been an amazing experience for me who was a hesitant consumer re Honest Kitchen's product, but I am now convinced that it is the best out there. The proof is in my Petey!

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