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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 2
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My Cavalier King Charles, Phinn, was a rescue and ever since we've had him at 6 months old, it's been a struggle to try to get him to eat. Prone to anxiety, he was not just a picky eater, but a nervous one. We worried that he didn't eat enough and struggled to find a food that might change that. When he did eat, we could always smell it. His farts were unbelievably awful - like rotten eggs mixed with sewage. He pooped constantly, but it was never solid or healthy. It was obvious he was having digestive problems, but it seemed impossible to find a food that didn't cause him such discomfort. So, we decided to throw out the kibble and try something different. Our local pet store gave us samples of . two different brands of dehydrated dog food, one from the Honest Kitchen and the other from another brand. Phinn hated the latter and practically inhaled the former. After doing some research on the Honest Kitchen, I decided to give it a real try, buying the grain free chicken recipe. Phinn has been eating the food now for nearly a month and is a completely different dog when it comes to meal time. He is visibly excited about the food, jumping all over me as I prepare it, and he literally finishes his portion in seconds. He poops much less often, (as promised on the Honest Kitchen website), and his gasiness is non existent - thank god! We are all very happy and pleased with our switch and would happily recommend the Honest Kitchen dog food to anyone with a dog they love. It's better food for the exact reasons specified on the website, and makes a better, happy dog for the exact same reasons.
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