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Shar Pei — Age 1
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Healthy and happy girl!!
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Before: When the inflammation was really bad and she was miserable.
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After: Happy to bother me to pet her while I was doing homework.
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Before: Her back was very pink and covered in hives.
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After: Happy to sit on Dad in his fancy chair.
In mid-February 2015, Phoenix unexpectedly started vomiting uncontrollably and developed a very inflamed rash/hives all over, especially her face. We brought her to the vet for the first time and they gave her a shot of antihistamine and steroids; this did nothing. After this is when she really started vomiting and she couldn't even keep down water, so back to the vet she went overnight for fluids, x-rays, and more shots. This was very traumatic for us (my husband and I) and her, and after all of this we still didn't have an answer. We brought her to our regular vet who thoroughly inspected her, but gave no convincing ideas as to what this was. At all of these visits, we asked several times, if this could be food related. Possibly, they all said, unconvinced. She was eating Orijen Adult, which is a top kibble, but kibble nonetheless. We then switched her to Orijen 6-Fish to no avail. We have our other Shar Pei on Orijen, and she does great. So, my husband and I started researching and came upon The Honest Kitchen, and I read some other stories that seems to be like ours, so we headed over to our neighborhood pet boutique, Bad Dog Frida, and the amazing Carmen recommended the free-range chicken blend highly. We put her on intensive probiotics for her gut flora and a mild antacid to help the inflammation inside. Within a few days she was showing remarkable improvement!! And within a week, she was almost back to her crazy, bouncy self. The Honest Kitchen literally was the cure for Phoenix and we are so, so thankful that someone thought of this for the health and well being of dogs and families. Not only is it healthy, beneficial, but Phoenix loves (not even a strong enough word), ridiculously loves mealtimes (she's fed 3-4 times a day). Many thanks and blessings to The Honest Kitchen team. We ridiculously love you!!!
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