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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 9
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I am proponent of raw diets for pets and successfully transitioned my younger cat, Bella, to raw about 4 months ago. Phoenix, on the other hand, while eager to try them has had some digestive upset with the ones I had tried thus far so I kept him on a high quality canned food while continuing my search. I had an unsuccessful go with Grace (turkey) before; they ate some but overall it turns out they just aren't fond of turkey - period. Chicken, however, has been a big hit so I decided to give Honest Kitchen another try, this time with Prowl (chicken). Success! I started off with just a teaspoon mixed in with his canned food and have upped it incrementally so we are now at half and half (half Honest Kitchen, half canned). In fact the more Honest Kitchen I add, the faster he eats! I am so happy to have found a quality raw diet I can give him (and believe me, I tried a LOT). Since my cats have been on raw, their coats are softer and more beautiful than ever. And Phoenix, who is a long-hair and has long had almost daily hairball issues, now rarely has any issues! I am so happy with this product; Phoenix gives it two paws up!
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