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Collie — Age
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Curious little Border Collie pup, Pippa
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Our little peanut when we got her.
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Our beautiful young lady, now 7 months old.
We started Pippa on THK as soon as we brought her home at 10 weeks old. She is a healthy, spunky, energetic Border Collie pup and has the most amazing healthy shiny coat--and no smelly doggy breath. As recommended with puppies, we rotated foods and she has done well on all the puppy-approved varieties. However, one day she began having some issues with keeping Revel down. I contacted THK and Michelle Sherman responded. I cannot say enough great things about the level of customer service, concern, product knowledge and help Michelle has provided! She promptly sent out a replacement box, just to ease any concerns I had about the specific batch of Revel I was feeding. She also recommended, and provided, ProBloom and Perfect Form supplements. Michelle has been patient with my many questions and answers each email with kindness and doesn't hesitate to provide information above and beyond that which I seek. Pippa LOVES the ProBloom and has not had any further tummy troubles. It appears we may have a picky eater on our hands and have found topping her food with Proper Toppers or crushed up Smooches works wonders. We continue to be loyal THK customers and recommend THK products to all our dog and cat loving friends! P.S. Our finicky cat also loves ProBloom and will knock his bowl around if I forget to give him a serving while I'm giving Pippa hers!
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