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Basset Hound — Age 3
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Presley (named because "she ain't nuthin' but a hound dog.")
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Presley was a rescue; from our best estimates, she was kept in a confined environment in a breeder mill; given pills to make her ovulate so she would produce litter after litter of puppies. What the breeder didn't realise is that she suffered from a genetic condition; glaucoma, which caused her to go blind around the age of one (by the vet's best guess). Once the breeder realised she was blind (likely because they started getting returns of their puppies; since glaucoma is genetic, the puppies she birthed would have also had glaucoma & gone blind early.)
Once she was of no financial use to the breeder, they simply dumped her in the street to fed for herself; a blind basset hound with no experience outside of her breeding space.

She was picked up by animal control and then a rescue group in my area offered to take her.

Her blindness and subsequent pain from the pressure in her eye balls resulted in the removal of her eyeballs. The local rescue group used social media to put her face out into the inter webs...where I saw her. Love at

So...I tell you all of that as the back story to explain what the honest kitchen's beams have done for sweet Presley.
Presley, having been raised purely for the purposes of breeding, had no exposure to toys, bones, kongs...when I got her, she had no idea what to do with anything I gave her, which left her bored when I wasn't around.

Until we got a box of beams.

It almost made me tear up; it was if something instinctive kicked in when she was given her first beam. She started gnawing and chewing on it...ate the whole thing & asked for another...something I couldn't get her to do with anything else I'd tried.


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