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Other (dog) — Age 5
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Christmas 2013. Gracie and Leo.
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I bought a puggle approximately 5 years ago and right from the start I had a huge problem switching him over to a new food. I had to feed him the hamburger/rice formula for a few weeks and finally got his digestive system back on track. I then started integrating a new food and he did really well on it but had horrendous gas! Truly you couldn't even stay in the room and it wasn't just not and again it was a few times an hour and other days just a few times a day. When I moved to Maryland only one store near me sold the food I had my dogs on and I went in and forget how I can across the honest kitchen but the girl at the store told me about it and gave me trial sizes. Let's just say my puggle Leo, who has always been a fan of food has been on this diet for a few years now and still while I'm preparing it sits right next to me, shaking and antsy as could be, because of how excited he is to eat. His digestive issues immediately disappeared, he does not ever have gas or runny stool. He is a healthy happy boy and my other pup Gracie she is the pickiest eater in the world!! And she loves the food just as much as Leo. Also, her coat has never been better and she doesn't itch as often as she used to. Thank you Honest Kitchen!!
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