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Coton de Tulear — Age 6
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Fresh haircut for Ranger, Coton de Tulear

I'm tracking Rangers progress here. Since I've had him he has had a variety of what I thought was healthy food. Acana kibble, Instinct Raw, Freeze dried powdered meat, Raw meat, and now I'm cooking for him. Fresh veggies, organic meats, (chicken and turkey, and rice with quinoa). I've tried the vet recommended programs too. He has always had a bit of sensitivity in his tummy, no matter what I fed him. Now we are transitioning to this food. I truly believe it is healthy, has what he needs in vitamins and will calm his tummy issues. Starting with limited ingredient Turkey and Duck. I hope to add more as we see how this goes. Variety is nice. Thanks for your product. I'll post more as I notice the differences. (hopefully can add more of the fun things ... like treats too) He is a breeder so really needs good nutrition.

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  1. Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Turkey

    Dog Food

    $52.99 - $104.99

  2. Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Duck

    Dog Food

    $62.99 - $124.99

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