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Boxer — Age 1
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Dear Honest Kitchen, your food saved our boxers life without a doubt! Our dog Reilly has been battling irritable bowel disease for the last year. She is only 18 months old & we have tried every kind of food from expensive designer foods to vet foods to wet foods to dry foods, nothing would help. We have wasted so much money in food trials. We have tried so many meds, been to multiple vets/vet hospital, had every test done & nobody could help us. All tests were negative except a colonoscopy which determined she had IBD. The vets kept giving us more meds & she was only getting worse. I gave up on traditional vet medicine & as a nurse this was difficult for me but I felt we were going to lose the dog if we didn’t do something different. So I sought help from a holistic breeder who recommended your food, due to Reilly’s multiple food allergies we were limited in our food selections.

I was so thankful to see Zeal was a grain free food which we could try. Our dog loves it! After transitioning her off of processed foods with a 3 day fast we began feeding her small helpings of Zeal & prayed. Each day we increased the amount slowly as recommended by the breeder & it has been a miracle! Since staring this food our dog does not have any stomach gurgling, vomiting, regurgitating, diarrhea or even gas! Her energy is back up, her coat looks & feels fantastic, she no longer scratches like she did & her overall demeanor is calmer. I know it’s meeting her nutritional needs as she used to eat junk outside such as mulch, leaves & grass…we got to the point where we couldn’t allow her outside unsupervised because this only led to sickness, since starting this food trash eating (as I called it) has ceased! I cannot believe what a difference your food has made in our dog!

I can only hope our story will help someone else out there before they spend all the money, time, tears & research regarding what to do for their dogs who may be suffering like Reilly was. Your food has done so well for her we got her off of all her meds & she is thriving for the first time in her life! I tell everyone about your product now. We look forward to trying the treats! Thank you so much!
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  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fish Recipe (Zeal)

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