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Beagle — Age 9
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Rocco Loves The Honest Kitchen. His Favorite is Zeal.
I own a Pet Care Company in which we provide care for dogs of all ages and sizes. I come across every dog food that is available on the market. In all my professional experience and research, I believe that The Honest Kitchen formulas are the best available for any dog. I received a sample packet, and my dog Rocco thought it was the best thing since sliced bread was invented. He finished his meal, and looked at me for more. Since starting him on The Honest Kitchen over a month ago, I've noticed significant changes in Rocco. His eyes are more clear. His fur is shiny. His stomach does not sag as it did before.
His energy level is increased. The common dirty ear syndrome with any Beagle has disappeared. No signs of yeast in his ears as before.
I strongly believe in this food, and I tell all my clients to be switch. Meal time for Rocco has become more exciting then it ever was before. He see's me measuring out the Zeal formula, and he can't control his howls. I believe that what we feed our dogs is extremely important. I want Rocco to have the best, so I feed him the best. I do believe that this food has dramatically changed my dog, and I believe his life will be healthier and fuller because of it. It's also apparent that The Honest Kitchen does care about the dogs they feed, and that is the type of dog food company I want to stand behind.
Rocco says "Thank you!" for his hearty and healthy meals, and I thank you as well.
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