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Schnauzer — Age 9
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Graduation from puppy school
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Our boy at 9 weeks old. Only barely 4 lbs
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graduation from puppy school at 16 weeks old and 8 lbs
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7 months and 5 months. 10lbs and 8 lbs July 2013
Our boy Rocky was a totally by-chance meeting. We met him when he was about 9 weeks old. He had an eye infection and was the runt of the litter. Had to be bottle fed as the litter pushed him away from mom. We had come to put a deposit down on a new litter of black mini schnauzers and he happened to wander in the room. He came to us and we picked him up and he was ours from that point on. We were told he'd be small and not ever reach full size with his issues, but at 9 months he is 13lbs, the same as his 6 weeks younger sister. I've had them on Force or Embark since the day we got them. I've been so impressed with their health, growth and in general health that I've told everyone I know about THK! I'm a life long customer now.
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