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American Shorthair — Age 11
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Finicky no more !
I have been making my own homemade raw food for my cat and dogs for a few years now. Whenever I make turkey or chicken my cat turns his nose up at it although he used to love it.
I started using the bone broth on the food and now he gobbles it right up.
Whatever he did not like about it is fixed when I put some bone broth on it for him. This is a fantastic product with amazing benefits !!
I plan to make my own bone broth when I have more time but This is a great product to have on hand when I don't have time. It smells really delicious, too. I started to make my own food to avoid recalls and to just know exactly what is in the food I am feeding my pets. I was worried my cat would not embrace it but he grew to love it. It's so much healthier and I don't have any health problems except for one dog who is prone to bladder stones, which is why I started making it in the first place.
I have gradually started to incorporate more healthy supplements in the food and the bone broth is one I will continue to add. I am so glad a dehydrated option is available cuz it is really convenient. Cat's cab be prone to kidney issues because they don't drink enough water. The bone broth adds so many healthy things into the meal I don't worry about kidney issues with my cat. I wish it came in a bigger size so I could have more on hand. If you read what's is the ingredients it is obvious why this is so healthy for your pet. If you have a finicky eater try this product not only to stimulate the appetite but for the wonderful health benefits.
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