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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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This is the day he showed up at our house
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He was overweight here
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This is about 2 weeks ago and he is perfect weight
This is Ronin, and he showed up on my door step 2 years ago. The year before he showed up I had to put my 12 year Lab Logan down due to his stomach twisting. I was heart broken. Ronin reminded me so much of Logan and filled a spot in my heart that was empty. Ronin acted so much like Logan that I say Logan sent him to me. Ronin was extremely malnourished when he showed up. He was on dry food for the first year and was over weight and seemed to not have much energy. Then after doing lots of research because I didn't want to lose him like Logan, I decided to put both my dogs on THK. I wanted to do all raw but was concerned I wouldn't have it balanced and also lack of time. He now has lots of energy and is at a perfect weight. THK makes it easy for me to give him and Camo better food and I have more confidence in knowing THK is balanced and good for them.
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