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Other (dog) — Age 3
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Rosalie is a wonderful puppy: so full of energy and love. However, Rosalie is a picky eater. Her sister has allergies and since we want to feed Rosalie the same food (jealousy issues!), we had to find one that everyone likes. This was quite a cumbersome process. Rosalie rejected many, many foods include several flavors of Blue Buffalo Wilderness line, CORE Wellness, and Canidae--all of which were supposed to be high-quality. We think part of the problem was severe separation anxiety. She knew that breakfast meant Mom and Dad were about to leave for the day.

Rosalie LOVES the Honest Kitchen. Nothing--not even the inevitable prospect of our departure--can stop Rosalie from devouring her Honest Kitchen. Whether it's beef, turkey, or chicken (which her sister can't eat), she clears her bowl faster than anyone else every single time.
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