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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 1
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Roxy is full of moxy!
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Roxy when she first came to live with us.
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Roxy in her fave chair.
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A typical Roxy expression.
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Sleepy puppy.
Roxy came to live with us when she was about 11 weeks old. She was found in an abandoned warehouse with five other puppies. She was one of only three that survived. Roxy was the runt of the litter and almost died herself, but she's a fighter and she pulled through.
The first year of her life, Roxy suffered from every ailment a puppy could have. She had parasites, worms and even mange. Needless to say, she was on a lot of medication, heavy duty meds. But you would never have known she was sick. She was always playful and loving and a real trooper.
Finally we got her well. And it was time for her to start putting on weight.
Let me back up a minute. When we got her, she was so thin, her ribs could almost cut you. It tore our hearts out. But her illness left her unable to fully digest dog food. No matter what we did, she would not gain weight and she had chronic diarrhea. We tried every food, and I mean every one. We even tried a vegan dog food.
Finally we found The Honest Kitchen, and like a miracle, her diarrhea stopped almost immediately and she began to put on weight.
Roxy loves her Thrive. We taught her to sit patiently for the five minutes it takes to rehydrate and once we give her the word "eat" she gobbles it up.
Roxy is our special girl. She loves to play and cuddle. She just celebrated her first birthday and we are so thankful and looking forward to enjoying many more years with our little girl and her big sister Lucy. Thanks to The Honest Kitchen, I know we will.
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