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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 1
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Ruby's Jazz Paws
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Ruby loves to model!
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Ruby's "Bravo" trick
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Stepping Up
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Ruby Pearl is my adopted Jack Russell/Border Collie mix, pulled from death row in Arkansas and brought all the way to Colorado where she spent two weeks in a foster home before I saw her adorable face on Petfinder. Ruby has changed my life, from teaching me all about positive reinforcement training to inspiring me to join the pet blogging community. I can't imagine how anyone could surrender or abandon Ruby, but I think she and I were meant to find each other. I adore her white paws, her red eye-patch, her huge freckled ears and her sparkling multi-colored eyes. She is so smart and knows over 25 commands already, including some impressive tricks. She makes me smile every single day, and I am thankful for her joyful attitude and playful nature. I was introduced to The Honest Kitchen by a friend who gave us a package of Beams to try, and they have become one of Ruby's favorite treats. She loves to toss them around before settling in to enjoy her snack. I am committed to caring for Ruby in the best ways possible, and that includes a healthy diet from companies that I trust. I hope that everyone will consider adoption first - Ruby is my sixth rescued animal and my life would not be complete without her. You can follow our adventures at:
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