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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Ms. Camera Shy
Ruby was diagnosed with bladder stones at 3 years old. We found them after noticing that she was having trouble urinating in the dribble she underwent surgery and was put on a strict diet of no table scraps no treats and only The prescription food the vet gave her. She hated it and began losing weight immediately. Over the past 5 years we tried many other options to help her maintain a healthy body weight but also to keep her bladder healthy. We quickly discovered that she has an allergy to wheat. We began to notice changes in her fur. Instead of its normal soft grey it got brown and course in many spots on her back. Our vet didn't immediately think it was food related but more environmental. We knew we hadn't sprayed anything or used different soaps on her or her bedding so it didn't set right with us. After lots of experimenting by taking foods in and out of her diet we narrowed it down to wheat. Because of her wheat allergy, pickiness and bladder issues we began making all her foods at home. However the process is very time consuming with a large family and children taking most our time. I'd forget ingredients on shopping trips or miscalculate my proportions made. It got very frustrating. I heard about The Honest Kitchen from a friend and have never looked back. Knowing I am giving Ruby healthy meals that are convenient and that she loves gives me a real piece of mind. We continue to watch her weight but it's has gradually increased which I believe is much healthier then just throwing a bunch of fatty food at her to gain quickly. We have had no bladder issues and she is more energetic and playful at 8 years old then she was at 2! I attribute all this to her overall health and well being being increased with just the right selection of foods.
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