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Dachshund — Age
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Rufus was adopted in 2012.

He is loving Honest Kitchen food and eggnog! He is alternating between the Verve beef and Revel chicken. He seems to love both equally. He is still getting a little bit of his Precise kibble mixed in until all the kibble is gone. I don't think he'll miss it at all. The eggnog is a separate treat for him to drink. I make a 1/2 cup at at time and keep in the fridge so he can have a TBS every morning and night.

Rufus has IVDD, so he takes Vetri disc supplement daily. It's so easy to mix in with this food. I have noticed that he has way more energy, and likes to go for longer walks, which is good! Strong leg muscles support his back.

Glad to have discovered the Honest Kitchen, and I know Rufus is too!
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