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Other (dog) — Age 6
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Happy and healthy girl!
We brought Sadie home with us about 5 or 6 years ago after we found her wandering the streets of our neighborhood. We had no intention of keeping her (we weren't "little dog" people and we already had a house full) but she was so full of personality and spunk we had no luck finding an acceptable family for her. She terrorized the cats of a potential new family and was too rambunctious for another family who already had a yorkie. So she came home to stay. She has been a fairly picky eater from day one. Because she's smaller than our other guys she had a hard time eating their kibble. And after about two weeks of eating one brand she would completely refuse to eat it and we would have to find another brand she could (and would) eat. Then she started having frequent bouts of what our vet believed to be colitis. She would refuse to eat and then have diarrhea and vomiting. It would take her a couple of days to recover. This became almost a weekly occurrence and we were going crazy trying to find an acceptable food for her. Then two of our other guys became extremely sick from another high-end dog food we had been feeding for years. Sadie, wisely, had been refusing to eat this particular bag of food. (For the record, our other guys also turned up their noses at this bag of food as well but they finally ate it. They NEVER do that.) After researching other brands of dog food and not having the confidence to actually purchase any of them we bit the bullet and switched to Honest Kitchen. It was supposed to be a temporary solution since feeding three dogs Honest Kitchen seemed a bit out of our budget but they love it so much we just can't take it away from them. After feeding Revel for close to 5 or 6 weeks now Sadie hasn't had the first stomach issue nor has she refused to it. All of their coats are thicker and healthier and we've noticed they smell better as well. Happy pups!
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