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Whippet — Age
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"My name is Sammy and I am a Whippet with funny ears!"
My name is Sammy and I am 10 months old Whippet boy. Believe it or not, my parents finally turned into great hunters. I am finally eating delicious food instead of the boring stuff they used to feed me in the beginning.

One day Mama came with two boxes. Boy, did they smell delicious! My brothers and I assisted her with opening. I couldn't believe my eyes and nose. Mama said they are called Beams, Wishes, Zeal and Love. Boy, I sure feel the love ever since that day of delivery.

My parents battled with puppy gas and loose stool since I moved in. Our home is now a gas-free, good-smelling place where I deliver the perfect #2 (outside of course).

So here is my advice to my fellow canine and feline buddies: Train your parents to hunt for The Honest Kitchen! You will love it!

Puppy kisses to all, SAMMY

P.S. I improved my parents skills last week because I am eating also Embark now. I shall add another taste to my collection soon. :)

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