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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 5
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In 2011 Scarlett was diagnosed with valley fever. Valley fever is a fungal disease that is contracted in the southwest by fungal spores and can be deadly if not caught early enough. Luckily we caught her illness before it spread through her entire body. Side effects of valley fever and its treatment are lethargy and lack of appetite. I was beside myself when my already slender dog started losing weight because she just wouldn't eat. I would sit on the floor with her while she turned her nose up at food, hand feeding her just because she wouldn't eat out of her bowl and even then she would resist or slowly walk away.
The only thing I could get her to eat was rotisserie chicken and even then she would be occasionally uninterested.
I went to multiple pet stores and bought many brands of pet food including every single flavor from the Honest Kitchen line just to find something she would be interested in eating.
After many samples and many more hand feedings and home cooked meals Scarlett discovered she liked Keen and it has been her food of choice ever since. After she would fully eat her food I would reward her with a "good girl!!!!" and lots of kisses.
Scarlett was diagnosed valley fever free after 1 year of medication and many veterinarian visits. It was a relief to have my energetic companion back!
To this day Scarlett's favorite food is still Keen and after she finishes every meal she comes up to me and gives me a kiss on the leg to let me know she was a good girl and finished her food.
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