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Scooby Doo

Other (dog) — Age 5
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My tummy is now happy!
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Having fun at daycare.
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My name is Scooby Doo (I know, I look nothing like my namesake!) and I'm a 5 yr old Rat Terrier. I've always had a lot of energy, but I used to have days where I just didn't feel like myself. My tummy would feel bloated and I didn't feel like eating, sometimes for a day or more. I would end up throwing up because I didn't eat. My vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and my mom and dad tried different foods and pills and nothing really worked. My mom looked on her computer a lot and found out that maybe soft foods without a lot of added stuff might help my tummy. She found The Honest Kitchen food and gave me Fish and Coconut food (can I say YUM!). I have been eating that flavor, along with grain free Turkey for over a month now and LOVE my food. I have not thrown up since and my dad is excited that he doesn't have to clean the carpet as much now. I also drink THK goats milk and it's so awesome. I don't skip meals anymore and I have a lot more energy now (which means more daycare time for me.... SCORE!). Thank you Honest Kitchen for fixing my tummy and saving my mom and dad money at the vet (they were going to stick a tube down my throat to look at my tummy! Yikes!).
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