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My dog "Seeker" was about 1.5 at the time when a lump showed up in his mouth on the gum line. My regular Vet didn't like the way it looked and said it was not a tooth abscess. So we waited a bit and on the day he was scheduled to be examined by another Vet, it burst. The new Vet took two biopsies from it and cleaned and sewed it up. He sent the biopsy to Cornell here in NY.

The diagnosis came back as "Sarcoma", the worst cancer you could have. I was devastated!! they told me an option was to remove half my dogs face to get rid of the cancer cells or just let him have the time he has left. Well for such a young dog I was not taking that for an answer either way!!!!!

I jumped into research and changed his diet immediately, antioxidant tea, supplements and took him off all kibble, and put him on THRIVE, as that was suggested for cancer dogs. It took a month for the abscess to heal, but even better was that the dog was getting better, not worse. He continued to get stronger and there were no more signs of lumps, bumps or anything else in his mouth.

A friend from Holland wanted to take Seeker there to breed to him and I had said no, knowing that he was sick and anything could happen, but after 6 months we decided to let him go, as feeling a better environment and healthier air may help in his recovery. Needless to say, he is in Holland at the ripe age of 7.5 and doing fantastic! No signs of sickness, he is happy, healthy and a Top Stud dog! To say the least Cornell wanted to do more research on him saying that NO WAY does Sarcoma just go away!

I dont really care what happened , my dog is alive and well and although I was not a big believer in organic remedies I am now. I believe the food, supplements and environment helped to cure and improve Seeker's life! and since then I have touted this food as one the Best out there!!
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