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Labrador Retriever — Age 13
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In the Zodiac, on whale watch.
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On the boat with that summers favorite toy, Blue Spiky.
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On Whale watch.
I rescued form his owners when he had a broken back, and they would lot take him to a vet figuring that he would heal himself. After I had taken him to a vet, and nursed him back to health they asked to have him back. When I asked them to reimburse me for the expense they said I could keep him. That was how I came to live with "the charming Prince of Darkness"
He was Six then and is thirteen now. Swimming has always been his favorite occupation. he has a peculiar trait. When he has tired out everyone who will throw a ball or a stick, he will swim by himself, and always in the same pattern. He will swim away from the beach to the right, and as he swims he picks his head out of the water and barks. When he turns to come back to the shore he is quiet, and then he barks again as he swims away. He will keep this up for a half an hour.
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