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Golden Retriever — Age 1
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Honest Kitchen helped my baby fight cancer
When our beloved German Shepherd, Sheba, started acting funny at age 10, we did a series of tests that revealed kidney and liver functions in the "high" category. Ultimately, we learned that she had hemangiosarcoma --often called the silent killer because you don't know they have cancer until it's way too late. We did catch it very early, but it is extremely aggressive. Based on statistics, our Sheba should have left us in about 3 months. Instead, we got a full year to spend with her with very good quality of life. I started her on Preference with organic meats and wild caught fish immediately. Within 2 weeks, her bloodwork was back to normal and her coat was unbelievable ---could not believe how soft she was. Within a month, her bloodwork was on the low side of normal and her coat had actually lost some of it's grey ---much more vivid brown and black. Our veterinarian said that she "glistened" and wanted to know what food she was on. Despite having a tumor in her nasal cavity, Sheba ate her Honest Kitchen almost until the end. That was surprising because her sense of smell should have changed and thus her taste buds. But to be honest, she was a very picky eater prior to Honest Kitchen. Once we put her on that, she loved her food. She was truly our beloved, and we are grateful for how your food helped us have more time with her. Our new dog has eaten Honest Kitchen since the day we brought her home!
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