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American Staffordshire Terrier — Age 9
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Chunky, our other girl whom eats honest kitchen!
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Sia in her chair- in my office...making sure I work!

Our girl Sia is a 9 year old Staffie. We rescued her when she was just a few months old. When she was 7 years old we found a lump on underneath her tail, as well as one on her leg- both cancer. Both were removed, only to have her have another tumor grow on her chest months later. After finding my girl had cancer we starting buying high quality bagged food, to no avail her health seemed to decline. After two years of tummy problems, skin beginning to get dandruff, as well as muscle mass in her hind legs I was at a loss.

This past year I started making her meals, but was worried my girl wasn't getting everything she needed nutritionally. She still had skin issues, tummy problems, and drinking high amounts of water everyday. After feeding The Honest Kitchen within one week Sia's health and spunk drastically changed. In two weeks her fur is soft and becoming dandruff free, her frequent water drinking and potty breaks lessened, and lastly her muscles and hind legs seem to be more perky! I can also notice her allergies have not been as bad.

Our other girl, Chunky (an Italian greyhound) has had lifelong gassy problems and allergies, since giving her dehydrated Zeal- her tummy problems have completely gone away!

Since both of our girls have been given Preference (Served with meat we buy at the market) and Zeal, both of our girls health has drastically improved. I am very cautious and holistic in my health, as well as my dogs health. Knowing that they are receiving food that is great for them, full of vitamins and minerals (which usually dry dog food has been heated and looses value), I am beyond ecstatic.

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